Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Zachary's 6th Birthday Party

This past Sunday we went out to Brian's brother's house for our nephew Zachary's 6th birthday party. Brendan and Zachary are only 1 year & 3 days apart in age and get along great when ever we get together. Today was no exception.
Zachary had a Transformer's party and Brendan was all excited about going. And of course we had to get Zachary a transformer for his birthday & 2 lego racer cars.
Madelyn also like going to the party as there were outside toys to play on and with.
Here is Zachary opening his present from us.And here is Zachary with his birthday cake.My sister-in-law Nancy always does a fantastic job with the boys birthday cakes.
After cake and ice cream Zachary & Brendan played with a couple of Zachary's new transformer toys together. On the way home Brendan just kept talking about getting to share his toys & his new toys with Zachary next weekend at his party.

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