Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tee-Ball Camp

Here are some more photos from Brendan's Tee-Ball camp.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Here is a catch up of what the kids have been up to the last couple of weeks. Brendan and Madelyn at Drummunity at the library. The kids had a blast getting to play all sorts of different drums & percussion instruments.
The kids have been outside swimming at home & at my girl-friends house as well.
Brendan is a little water bug & getting better at swimming all the time and of course if Brendan is doing it Madelyn has to too - me too!

Brian bought a deep-fry thing and we had a sea-food boil while the kids at Grandma & Papa's house. I love Brian's toys!On Wednesday nights we head out to the zoo for their Wild Summer Nights concert series. The kids have fun dancing to some cool music from around the world.
We also go early sometimes to check out some animals.
We went to Brian's friends house this past Saturday and the kids got to play with their friend Alex. We went to a slash park by Alex's house. Brendan loved getting wet Madelyn not so much. But she did have fun. Madelyn also got to play with Alex's dress up clothes & princess shoes! She loved that!Brendan had his first day of Tee-ball camp today. And while he can hit a ball pitched to him, he is only old enough for tee-ball. They learned how to throw, catch & hit today. He loved it. (The lower left photo is him throwing the ball-it is on the other side of the telephone pole up just above the tree line)

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore

Photos first then story:We went camping up at the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore part of this past week. We left Saturday after my women's club had its year end party on Friday night. We camped at the National Park Campground this time - it was fantastic! We were on top of a very small hill so the kids had something to ride their mi-mi's down.
Of course once you drive that far up-north you have to stop at Jay's Sporting goods. We didn't see anything that we needed from there but I did get a nice Amish picnic basket at that same stop.
On Sunday we went rafting down the Platte River right into lake Michigan. It was a nice 1 1/2 ride and only took Brian 10 minutes to go back to get the truck. I bought a big 4 person raft & we used the big snowsled to float down on. The kids had a blast and I could not control the raft to save my life - Brian thought that was the funniest thing watching me & the kids spin in circles.
On Monday we went up to visit some of the surrounding area and found a neat little part of one city - Fish Town. Brian loved this place. Of course we had to stop at a couple of wineries for me. Then we went to the beach to let the kids play in lake Michigan.
On Tuesday we went on the world's worst hike and then again the kids wanted to swim so back to the beach. (If you want to hear the story of the hike it is better in person than written, so you will have to call)
On Wednesday we packed up and went to stay the night at my girl-friend who has a cabin about 1 hour south of where we were camping. They have 3 kids (1 boy & 2 girls) so the kids had plenty to do and had a great time.
Finally home really late Thursday night (12:30 in the morning!) and got ready for my birthday on Friday the 4th!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Storytime @ the Library

The kids had a summer story time event at the Library the other week. This years summer reading program is 'Catch the Reading Bug' so Little Creatures Co. came out with all sorts of little buggie things & things that eat buggies!
The kids had a blast getting to learn about the cool kritters.

Also I found a new way to scrapbook the photos of the blog so check this out: