Thursday, April 20, 2006

Easter Sunday

The Easter Bunny of course left eggs out for Mister Brendan. He is so quick at finding eggs. He runs from one egg to another, but in doing this he passes a couple of eggs as well.
Brendan is loading up on Easter Baskets. He got three again this year. What is a good use for a left over Easter Basket? Here is the one that he get at home, beach toys, a new basket ball and of course candy. Just what every three year old needs. :)
After lunch we went to visit and have dinner up in Flint with Brian's parents. There Brendan and Madelyn both got Easter Baskets and everyone was excited to hold little Maddie. Brendan and Daddy helped Grandpa Andrews deep-fry the turkey (which is mommies & daddies favorite way to eat a turkey).

Easter Eggs

Brendan and daddy dyed the Easter Eggs while Madelyn watch on from her high chair.
Brendan is an old pro at this. Mommy went a bit over board and bought the huge deluxe egg dying kit while all Brendan used was the dye and the clear crayon. Oh well now we know better for next year.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Big Fishin....

Today, Brendan and I got out fishing, and we did great! We caught bluegills, perch, and crappie. I don't think I have ever caught crappie this size. We found a new favorite spot.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Brendan's First Soccer Pratice

On Tuesday we had Brendan's first soccer pratice. It was something to watch 10 3-4 year olds chase after one soccer ball. They are easily distracted and sometime don't know which goal to go towards, they get stuck by the fence and can't seem to be able to kick to one another yet. A couple have the basic's of don't touch the ball with your hands and when they are goalie's they can't seem to pay attention to get ready for when the ball comes at them. Brendan is the one in the darker green shirt with the maroon hat.
Brendan did pretty good, he didn't know what was going on and wasn't too sure to go to and listen to the coach's to start with. But I think that is a good thing that he just won't go and listen to just anybody. But being that this was Brendan's first year and most of the children were returning from last summer I would say that he did very good. Brian has been praticing with him on kicking the ball, running with the ball and not using your hands so that wasn't the problem. Now we just have to get him used to kicking towards the goal and running after the ball where ever it goes.

Tummy Time

Brendan like to be my big helper. He gets me a new diaper when I am changing her, he is really good at putting her binky back into her mouth when she shoots it out (yes she needs a binky) and he like to talk to her and entertain her while she lays on her tummy. Here she is hanging out while we watch t.v.

New Bike

Brendan got his big boy bike and a nice Spider-Man helment with matching knee & elbow pads. It was supposed to his Easter present but Brian can't keep a sercet. Oh well. Brendan loves to ride his new bike, we even took Madelyn for a walk to the park this week.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Brendan and Madelyn

Brendan loves holding his baby :) Jen got a couple photos of him holding her last night.

Soccer is coming soon......

Tuesday is Brendan's first day of soccer practice. So, we had to get him all the gear he would need today. The team provides the jersey (not this one). So, we had to get shorts, socks, cleats, and shin guards. He is so excited about his shoes :)

For a 3 year old, he is actually quite good. We have worked on kicking the ball hard, kicking the ball hard while running, dribbling (running around the yard while controlling the ball), scoring on each other, and playing keep away from each other. The whole time we play keep away Brendan can't stop giggling.

Nature Center - 3/29

Wednesday was so nice, we wanted to do something to get outside. Without going too far with the new baby, we went to a local nature center. Brendan has been here before with his 3 year old class, but I had not been.

It also turns out that there was a geocaching "treasure" hidden in the nature center. Hence the GPS in the photo below. Just thought I wouldlet you know in case you thought I brought it because I was afraid of getting lost at a fenced in nature center with paved pathways :)

Here is a photo of Brendan, Mom and baby Madelyn.

Unfortunately, our "treasure" was hidden on the one path that was closed because they were cutting up down trees. No treasure today.

Brendan's favorite riding spot.