Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Lights

This is the first year that we have had lights on the outside of house. Normally we just have a couple of things in the windows of the front.
Last year Brendan really wanted lights outside but we don't have any power outlets on the house & I couldn't think of a way to power them. This year I had a brainstorm! I ran a extension cord from the garage to the front porch. I also bought a outdoor timer so I won't have to remember to to turn them on and off.

So the porch & two trees were the start for this year. Next year I want to add the light to the bushes running on both sides of the front sidewalk. But this was a good start. Plus I did it all while Brendan was at school one day so being able to surprise him was great. Here is our little tree that Madelyn & I picked out from Target this year. It is the perfect size for our little house. (It looked a lot nicer filled with presents underneath, note for next year) The only presents left is one for Brendan's teacher & one for the crossing guard at his school (thanks to the snowday on the last day before winter break)

And of course I didn't put the kids stocking back up but you get the idea.

Part of Madelyn's gift from Santa was a cuttle bug. Everytime you asked her what she wanted from santa it was always a cuttlebug. I have a large green cuttlebug (it is a scrapbooking type tool) and they make a smaller one for kids, she has asked for one for months! Well here are two cards that Madelyn made today using her cuttlebug & just a little help from mommy with the markers & putting the first flower together on the paper.
Next time I will take some photos of her in action with her Cuttlebug.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa's Cookies & Christmas Day

Of course you have to make cookies for Santa so I made the kids help by making their own cookies, they picked out the shapes & put the sprinkles on. Of course Brian thought that now would be a good time to take photos of my large belly. Here is Madelyn in her apron. Brendan getting his apron on.
The belly shot with no make-up on. It doesn't look too large, but the camera takes 5 inches off I think.
Brendan's cookies.

Madelyn's cookies.

Now the good stuff. Santa Came! Here are the kids opening their stockings. The look on Brendan's face sayes it all....
Now on Madelyn's face....
Back to Brendan...
Madelyn trying to carry her present from Santa. Trying be the key word there!
Brendan & Madelyn opening the gifts from Santa. Madelyn had a problem with the bow on hers.
Madelyn keeps pulling things out.
All the loot. Brendan got a snowboard, two transformers & playdough. Madelyn got her Cuttlebug, a die set for her cuttlebug, a board game, a princess book, playdough & a snow white barbie-type doll. In their stockings Brendan got transformer bubblebath, transformer lite-bright paper set, boxers, two face pez & a darth vader lego pen. Madelyn got tinkerbell bubblebath, littlest-pet shop lite-bright paper set & snow white pez.
Brendan playing transformers with Daddy.
On Christmas Day we went and spent the evening with our neighbor Sharon & her (large) family. Of course Santa always makes an appearance at Sharon's house to pass out presents.

Brendan getting a gift from santa.
Madelyn getting a gift from Santa.
Again this year we had to talk Madelyn into sitting on Santa's lap. So I gave her my present to hold onto to get her to sit on his lap.
We ate, we partied & the kids got a ton of presents. It was a great Christmas! Until next year.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

More Presents

Well you should all be proud. I made it to Dec. 23rd before I gave in and let the kids open the presents from us. Normally it is Brian who is begging to let the kids open presents.

Here is Miss Madelyn:
She got a Prince Phillip & a Sleeping Beauty Toddler (just a little different than a baby I guess)
Here is Brendan:
He got some Magnext & Knex.
The Knex roller coaster took two days to put together & really the kid had me doing most of the work. But it was really cool to watch the coaster go. We had it up for two days (you can see it takes up a lot of the living room.) They have directions on-line to build another coaster with the same set that we will have to try next.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas in Flint

We had Christmas in Flint with Brian's family on Saturday. I have some video from GA & Flint that Brian will have to put on-line before he goes camping with his friends.
With Brendan getting bigger he opens his presents faster & faster. He got Indiana Jones Legos, a Knex Roller Coaster, Nerf Gun game, and some other things I can't remember now.

Miss Madelyn is still at that one piece of paper at a time. So it took a good long time to get all the presents open.
Madelyn got a dress up chest, Disney talking nursery, wonder-color coloring book, and of course I can't remember the rest.
Brian & his brother Dan's favorite christmas movie growing up was The Christmas Story. Their parents found the Leg-Lamp tea light holder & got one for the both the boys. Thank goodness they didn't get the full sided one.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Chirstmas Shopping & Snow

After a day of Christmas shopping with me I guess it was too much for Miss Madelyn. She passed out in front of the fire on Mojo's bed while I was putting away groceries.
I think Mojo wants his bed back.
Well Brendan's Christmas/Winter Break started a day early with a snow day last friday. It didn't start snowing until about 5 in the morning but once it started it didn't stop! We got between 12-14 inches over the day & that night. It was on the warm side (all of what 26? out)(and yes that sometimes feels warm compared to the now 8's & 12's we have) so the kids stayed out for quite a bit helping daddy build a snow fort.

There is more on this on Brian's web site but here is the finished snow fort, I don't know what he calls it.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Okay, I know I know where have I been? Well I finally just took all the photos off my camera so that way I have a lot to update in the next couple of days. I totally blame this on having pregnancy brain right now. And we will take a belly photo soon.

For Thanksgiving this year the kids and I went to GA to visit with my family. Brian had to stay behind due to work stuff. But the kids did great on the long truck ride & we made it with no problems there & back.

Here is Thanksgiving Day Dinner at Great Grandma & Great Papa's House.
The kids waiting until we finish dishes to open presents.Of course we did Christmas there too.
I bought some board games for the kids to keep at Papa's house & here are the kids playing Papa at Candyland.
Finally we all got together with Great Papa & Great Grandma again on Saturday & we took some photos of us together.