Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thursday's Field Trip

On Thursday Brendan's class took a Field Trip out to Bower's Farm in Bloomfield Hills. It is really neat and it is at I-75 and the Adams road exit (you can see the horses from the highway).
I drove Brendan and two boys from his class (they thought it was cool that they got to go in the big truck while everyone else were in vans or one car).
Once we got to the farm we got to go on a hay-ride (really a straw ride but that doesn't sound as fun).Then the farmer told the kids the two rules for the farm, 1- how to keep your arms close by some of the animals (they think fingers may be carrots) 2- keep your voices down by some of the animals.The lama's (the carrot fingers applied to these)They got to pet a baby goat.They learned that baby goats - kids - like to stay with the group so the farmer had the kids run to the other side of the drive way and the kid followed. The kid beat the kids coming back.Rule #2 applied to the cow. They got to see how milk comes out & learn about what some animals eat are the same as what we eat.The kids also got to milk a goat but I didn't get a photo of that.
They got to pet a rabbit.While waiting to see the horse (only a couple of kids at a time) they got to play on some saddles.The horses.The kids also learned how chicken come from eggs which are the same as what we eat. Also they to pet some chicks & hold a small rooster (fully grown, just small)
Brendan checking out the roosters & turkey's that were outside.After a full morning & missing his sister this is what I found went I checked on Brendan while I was having to get some work done.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Weekend Camping

This past Memorial Day Weekend we went camping up at Rifle River State Park. It is up near Rose City/West Branch MI. About a good 3 1/2 hour car drive. We left Friday morning and went shopping at Birch Run Outlet mall to take up some time. Then it was off to camp. Papa & Grandma Andrews camped with us for the first two nights.
Here is our camp site...And my topper for my truck. (It just came in enough time for this trip, thursday!)...The best thing about camping is Brian loves to cook in his dutch ovens. Friday night he made a apple dessert with them....Madelyn loved it!Saturday I was allowed to go fishing with the boys! But given that I had more fish on the hook than they did (I had 12 with Papa a close second at 10) I may not get to go back! I have to say that Brian caught the most fish in the live well. (I only had 2 to his 4).Brian with Papa's yucky pike. Brian holding one of Brendan's two fish. He did it all but get the fish off the hook. But while the boys & myself were away Madelyn was bossing Grandma around the WHOLE time we were gone....Then we went to see the walking bridge. Brendan really liked it when the boys made it move & sway. Me not so much. Brendan also said that we was Indiana Jones (he now has the first 3 movies on DVD) as well.We went to Dairy Queen after dinner for a much desired cold treat.
On Sunday we went in to West Branch to visit a park for the kids to play & of course had Brendan's favorite food - pizza - for lunch.
Madelyn & I laid down in the hammock for a nap.After we went to a spot in the river to try a hand at river fishing.Brian was the only one to get a bite - he caught a brown trout.Mojo is also getting in the hang of this camping thing...On Monday morning Brian had to try having a fire in the tepee when we were packing. We used the bottom of our small weber grill to hold it. That little fire heated the tepee really fast!And of course we have to show how much stuff we really took camping...All in all we had a blast and Brendan & Madelyn really like being the outdoors.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Berkley Days

I worked the Berkley Days event here in Berkley this past weekend. The Juniors had a Pooch Pageant which is so much fun and this year I was even a judge. Also the Friends of the Library had both a used book sale & a beer tent. I worked the beer tent on Friday & Saturday nights & the book sale for a couple of hours on Saturday.

While I was busy Brian took the kids on Friday up and stayed at his parents. Brendan got to play with his bow & arrow in the back yard. He is getting really good.
Here are some photos of him.Also Brian went on a outdoor class on identifying plants. He had a lot of fun & learned some really cool things.

I took the kids back up to Berkley Days on Sunday before Brendan's soccer game to let the kids ride some rides. Madelyn is finally liking the rides. She wanted to ride all the ones that Brendan went on but she was 4 inches too short. The only thing Brendan couldn't ride were the bid scary ones. But of course he wanted too.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Brian's Birthday & Mother's Day

This past Saturday (the 10th) was Brian's 33rd Birthday.
On friday we took him out to dinner at BW3's and also made a cake for him.
Here is his "Fishin' Buddies" cake....Brendan & Madelyn eating the cake...
On Saturday we went up to his parents in Flint to visit & celebrate Mother's Day. The kids made canvas tote bags for all the grandma's and we also took flowers as well. Brian's Aunt Carol & Uncle Lenard were also in town as well as his Cousin Nikki with her daughter Taylor. Of course I bought the camera but left it in the diaper bag the whole time. But we all had a great time. Brendan had Zachary & Jacob to play with and Madelyn was trying to get Taylor's attention the whole time.

On Sunday Brendan & Brian made me breakfast and our session rescheduled so I got the day off after all. We did what every Mom wants to do on Mother's Day and went to Home Depot to pick up supplies for our latest project of our vegetable garden. But the rain didn't hold out so we will have to work on it sometime this week. For lunch we went again a Mother's Day funny, Taco Bell. I hope that this doesn't become a tradition. But Brian did cook & do the dishes all day. Also Brian & the kids did get me flowers - I have a Butterfly garden hanging basket kit & 2 black raspberry bushes that we will have to plant close to snack on them often.

I hope you all enjoyed your Mother's Day.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Last Day of Our Savannah Trip

Friday was our last true day in Savannah. We went out to Tybee Island and spent the day out there. It was the best day of the whole vacation.
First we went to check out the Tybee Island Lighthouse.Brendan and I walked up to the top while Brian & Madelyn stayed on the ground. The walk wasn't too bad going up those 70 something stairs it was keeping up with Brendan that was giving me the problems. He kept the same fast pace the whole way up. The only person faster than we were was the lighthouse keeper (they go up every so often to check on the people at the top).Here is the view from the top of the light house.Brian & Madelyn are in front the chimney in this photo (Madelyn in on Brian's shoulders.)Brendan & the ocean view.Next we went to eat lunch at the Crab Shack. This place was so cool. They have a dock for all the people who come on boats. Due to the fact that you could get to it by boat it was harder to find by car. You had to follow the signs closely.After lunch Brendan got to feed the alligators that were at The Crab Shack too.Next we went to the Ocean. With a stop at the Tybee Island Marine Science Center. Madelyn liked the box turtle the best. We went at the right time-lunch day & time for most of the animal/sea life. So the kids got to see some of the sea life that is pretty well hidden in the sand. Also got to see how they eat, like a star fish.Finally we went to the Ocean. We just happened to have the swim suits in the car from staying at the hotel on the way to Papa's house so the kids got to go in the water. Of course being that the water was very cold I made Brian go in with the kids while I took photos.It was a good thing too because he got very wet.It was such an exciting day for Madelyn that she fell asleep on the way back to camp while eating her snack.

Saturday was the day to pack up and start for home. We all had a blast on our Savannah Vacation.