Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Weekend Camping

This past Memorial Day Weekend we went camping up at Rifle River State Park. It is up near Rose City/West Branch MI. About a good 3 1/2 hour car drive. We left Friday morning and went shopping at Birch Run Outlet mall to take up some time. Then it was off to camp. Papa & Grandma Andrews camped with us for the first two nights.
Here is our camp site...And my topper for my truck. (It just came in enough time for this trip, thursday!)...The best thing about camping is Brian loves to cook in his dutch ovens. Friday night he made a apple dessert with them....Madelyn loved it!Saturday I was allowed to go fishing with the boys! But given that I had more fish on the hook than they did (I had 12 with Papa a close second at 10) I may not get to go back! I have to say that Brian caught the most fish in the live well. (I only had 2 to his 4).Brian with Papa's yucky pike. Brian holding one of Brendan's two fish. He did it all but get the fish off the hook. But while the boys & myself were away Madelyn was bossing Grandma around the WHOLE time we were gone....Then we went to see the walking bridge. Brendan really liked it when the boys made it move & sway. Me not so much. Brendan also said that we was Indiana Jones (he now has the first 3 movies on DVD) as well.We went to Dairy Queen after dinner for a much desired cold treat.
On Sunday we went in to West Branch to visit a park for the kids to play & of course had Brendan's favorite food - pizza - for lunch.
Madelyn & I laid down in the hammock for a nap.After we went to a spot in the river to try a hand at river fishing.Brian was the only one to get a bite - he caught a brown trout.Mojo is also getting in the hang of this camping thing...On Monday morning Brian had to try having a fire in the tepee when we were packing. We used the bottom of our small weber grill to hold it. That little fire heated the tepee really fast!And of course we have to show how much stuff we really took camping...All in all we had a blast and Brendan & Madelyn really like being the outdoors.

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