Monday, September 14, 2009

Lots of Updates

Here are the up-dates that I have been trying to get on-line.
Here is Madelyn at her dance class.
Madelyn at soccer practice.

Brendan's birthday cake.
Brendan's kids putt-putt party on Saturday.

The boys playing together at the family party on Sunday.
Brendan and Benjamin. My 'boys'
Benjamin with his green bean face.
The kids new favorite breakfast treat. "Dutch baby's"

Madelyn's first day of school.

Madelyn and Daddy starting a fire with steel and flint.

Brendan opening his presents on Sunday.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Back to School

Here are some photos from the kids first day of school on Tuesday.

Brendan was really excited to see some of his old friends, most he didn't see over the summer. Also his 'girl-friend' is in his class & he sits next to another of his old classmates.
Getting back in the truck to take Maddie to school.
Madelyn outside of her school.

By her coat hook.
Sitting on the circle rug ready for the class to start.
I made it through the day with no tears, but I still had my Ben with me. In three years I may not be able to stay tear-free with all my babies gone. But that is a long ways off.