Tuesday, December 13, 2005


This past Sunday Brian and I took Brendan out sledding. There is a hill (man made) at a park that I found over this past summer. It was the perfect day to try out Brendan's new inner tube sled. And Brendan just loved it. We started out just half way up to get use to the idea of Brendan flying down a hill on nothing but an inner tube, but he did great and held on tight so it was to the top of the hill. Which was nice because they had steps with railings on both sides of the hill and even two different hills. We kept with the simple one. Brendan loved it. He said weeee and everything.
One the way home Brendan said go to Papa Tatz' house big hill, but we had to tell him that Papa Tatz does have a big hill just no snow.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Visit with Santa

Brendan got to visit with Santa this year at Berkley's first annual Holiday Lights Parade and Berkley Junior Women's Club annual Tree Lighting on Dec. 3rd. Having escaped from the hospital just hours before (okay they let me out) we were able to go and see the parade with Jim & Sharon, and thank goodness too because mommy was busy helping present flowers to Miss Michigan and an award to this years Parade Grand Marshal, while daddy was taking pictures of course.

But Brendan got to visit with Santa and tell him what he wanted for Christmas (I am not sure what he said).

Monday, December 05, 2005


Brendan loves to help out and right now that I can no longer see my feet this is a very usefull thing. Well Brendan's new favorite thing is to do the dishes. And he is really pretty good at doing them too.