Sunday, June 18, 2006

Secret Revealed

Here it is. If you knew where it was at, I would be giving away the source of our fishing success. This is our fishing hole.

I took the photo from the road, and from the road you really can't even see it. Way out, it eventually opens up into a pond. But, all the stuff in the foreground is really shallow. I guess we have such good luck there because nobody goes out there. They must figure that they are not sure if they can make it out, or if there is even anything out there worthwhile. Here it is......

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Our computer was down for a couple of days and then the blog site was down but we are up and running again.

Here is Miss Madelyn posing in her bathing suit that we got to get ready for our trip to GA in a couple of weeks. She is getting really good at holding her head up but just needs a little support. Here is another of her at bath time. She is finally beginning to enjoy her baths.

Brendan, Maddy, and Jen

I was moving an outdoor photo set outdoors to use. I decided to take a quick photo of the family. I did a few things wrong on this one, but at least you get to see everyone.

Soccer is Over

Brendan had his last soccer game on Saturday. He actually improved a lot towards the end of the season. When it began, he was good at ball handling on his own, but when it came to the game, he just wanted to follow the pack of kids running, and not the ball. After he figured out that if he had the ball, everyone would be chasing him we were good.

Except for the fact that Brendan didn't like the ball taken away from him, by anybody, including his own team (3 year olds are not good at teamwork, and passing and stuff yet). Therefore, if the ball got taken away, usually there were going to be a pile of kids on the ground.

Here is an action shot from one of the last games.