Monday, February 22, 2010

A new Camera, finally pictures :)

My new camera came and we have been using it about every other day since we opened it. Here are some photos of the kids to give you updates:
Ben is our little monster now. (But he is soo cute) Here he is trying to bug Brendan while he plays his DS.
Every meal is a messy meal these days. Me getting Madelyn ready for the Daddy Daughter Dance at her school. Daddy & his Daughter just before they left for the dance. Maddie had sooo much fun, it was all she could talk about for a couple of days.
Of course our other baby Mojo who doesn't really like being outside for more than 5 minutes. He doesn't know that he was suppose to be a hunting dog. Did we tell you guys that Benjamin was our little monster? Yeah talk about Brendan all over again. Trying to get underneath the baby gates....Yes he is eating again. Every meal is now just a matter of what to feed the crazy man. Brendan's indoor soccer team - the Sharks. Team Photo...His trophy. Brendan is going to take a break from soccer this spring and try his hand at baseball (yes I really got him signed up this year, go me!)
Madelyn is still in dance and will have her recital in the late Spring.
Ben we are just trying to keep out of trouble right now. But at almost 11 months is not walking yet. Note the yet, any day now he is just going to stand up and start running.