Thursday, October 26, 2006

Getting Ready

We are getting ready for all the Halloween activites that the kiddies have this year. On Friday my girls club is hosting a Halloween Spooktacular for the city, Saturday is Brian's friends get together, Sunday is free, Monday Brendan has a class Halloween party, Tuesday his school has a Halloween parade around the block, and of course Trick-or-Treating.
I am sure that I am missing a couple of things but I think that gives you an idea of how busy we are. I took the kiddies photo with my new 'Fall' background that I created this past week. Brendan is a Pirate and Maddie is a Butterfly. Here are their halloween pictures.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Berkley's New City Beautifiacation committee Hosted a Octoberfest tonight. After dinner we went to let Brendan and Maddie check it out. There was face painting, pumpkin painting, cider & doughnuts, candy, music, and games. One of the games was eating a doughnut off a string. Of course big mouth Brendan had to give that one a try. He did pretty good.And Papa Tatz was wondering why there weren't as many picture of Miss Maddie as there are of Mister Brendan, here is why. Everywhere we go, she takes a nap. I can only have so many napping pictures.But here is another one from our picnic at the Nature Center before Brendan's Storytime today. A little chilly for a picnic but Brendan wanted to eat outside.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Shhhhh! Were' Hunting Rabbit!

Brian and Brendan went rabbit hunting at a spot close to their fishing hole. Brendan was quiet and tried to sneak up and find some rabbits. Didn't happen. But both Brian and Brendan had a good time and Maddie & I waited and hung out in the car. (Brendan can only hunt for so long ya know!) anyway I got to knit for a whole hour! That soooo doesn't happen at home.
We were on the way up to Flint for Great-Grandpa Johnson's Birthday get-together and Brian has been itching to go and be the Great White Hunter Man. So we thought we would stop on the way up. Again Brendan did great and had a blast, Maddie napped and played with toys, mommy got to knit and daddy got to carry a gun in the woods. A good time all around. And of course here is a picture. :)

Monday, October 02, 2006

Spotting Deer

Brendan, Maddie and I went out to a Nature Center close to home last Thursday. We went on a little but long walk and we spotted two deer. Brendan was very quiet as we snuck up to get a close picture of them. There was a mom with her baby. They let us watch them for a couple of minutes before taking off again. A very cool experience for Brendan. Here is a picture that we got of them.
And one of the outdoor adventurer and baby.