Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Shhhhh! Were' Hunting Rabbit!

Brian and Brendan went rabbit hunting at a spot close to their fishing hole. Brendan was quiet and tried to sneak up and find some rabbits. Didn't happen. But both Brian and Brendan had a good time and Maddie & I waited and hung out in the car. (Brendan can only hunt for so long ya know!) anyway I got to knit for a whole hour! That soooo doesn't happen at home.
We were on the way up to Flint for Great-Grandpa Johnson's Birthday get-together and Brian has been itching to go and be the Great White Hunter Man. So we thought we would stop on the way up. Again Brendan did great and had a blast, Maddie napped and played with toys, mommy got to knit and daddy got to carry a gun in the woods. A good time all around. And of course here is a picture. :)

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Ashley said...

Your husband needs to re-grow the faber beard. He doesn't look much like a hunter in that picture :)