Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving in Georgia

Now that we are home and sort of getting settled back into the swing of things are some photos from our trip to Georgia for Thanksgiving to see Papa & Grandma Tatz. (I will post more later)
We got there at about 11:15 at night so the next morning the kids get up and of course want to play outside where it is a whole lot warmer than at home in Michigan. Plus Papa let Maddie have one of her presents early so she was ready to play.
Here is Brendan checking out Papa's pond.Here is Brendan riding on Papa's tricycle that he has for the kids.Here is Maddie all excited about having a big wheel of her own. (She uses Brendan's all the time)
And of course we can't forget about Thanksgiving Dinner. Here is our dinner spread (well most of it anyway).Here is Brendan chowing down on some bread. (Madelyn was not in a taking pictures mood)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Our Puppy

Well now that Mojo is pretty well used to us we have found out some really funny things about him:
He thinks his job is to lay by the fire all day.
He likes Maddie the best right now (she is really good with him too)
Brian took him to the park & he was tracking/following Brendan's scent & did really good about staying with him the whole time.
He thinks that when ever he walks past some one (specifically kids) that they have to pet him.

Here are couple photos of our new Mojo at work.
And here is cute one of the kids playing with their leap pad games & books together.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Treasure Hunting @ the Zoo

Well the Detroit Zoo now also has a couple of Treasure Hunting locations within the zoo.
This past Sunday we went out to find a couple. The weather wasn't all that great (cold & later there was an almost frozen rain)
The first location we didn't find but the second one we did. Then we went to the cafe for lunch and visited with the polar bears (they like this type of weather). It was too cold so we headed home for the nice fire and hot cocoa.
Here are the photos for the day:Brendan & Brian looking for treasure.Madelyn & Mommy walking to see the next animal.Madelyn showing off her zoo fashion outfit.Brian with the kids outside the Arctic Exhibit. The polar bears enjoying the colder weather. Brendan & Madelyn putting their hands on the ice wall.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Meet my Little Friend

This weekend we went up north so the Boys (Brian, Brendan & Papa Andrews) could go hunting & the Girls could go hunting. Well once we got to Gaylord we had to go to the Up North hunting store Jays. Outside the store there was a lady selling puppy's. Of course we had to look. They were Beagle puppies. Oh Boy. And then Brian let me hold one. So of course we talked about getting one, and we did!Here is our new puppy - Mojo.Here is Brian & then Brendan playing with the new puppy.Madelyn taking a nap with his new buddy.
Of course we were on vacation too. So here are some photos from the kids swimming. We went swimming both friday & saturday nights. On Saturday night Brendan was even swimming with out the help of any floaty devise. It was so amazing to see Brendan jumping into the pool & swimming under water.
Back to the new puppy. Madelyn loves having someone to be the boss of. She likes walking him, feeding him, and telling him what to do.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Halloween Day

Brendan's school had a Halloween Parade so of course that was our first event on Halloween.
Brendan's whole school walks around the block that the school is on following a fire truck.
Here is Brendan walking with his teacher.Brendan waving to all the people lined up on the sides to watch all the kids.The kids following the fire truck.Brendan and Madelyn walking home afterwards.Madelyn in her costume getting ready to go trick or treating.Brendan (& Madelyn slowly following) trick or treating at Sharon's house.Brian & the Kids about to go Trick or Treating.Brendan's TMNT pumpkin.Madelyn's Cinderella pumpkin.Brendan's with his new candy supply.The kids candy.