Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving in Georgia

Now that we are home and sort of getting settled back into the swing of things are some photos from our trip to Georgia for Thanksgiving to see Papa & Grandma Tatz. (I will post more later)
We got there at about 11:15 at night so the next morning the kids get up and of course want to play outside where it is a whole lot warmer than at home in Michigan. Plus Papa let Maddie have one of her presents early so she was ready to play.
Here is Brendan checking out Papa's pond.Here is Brendan riding on Papa's tricycle that he has for the kids.Here is Maddie all excited about having a big wheel of her own. (She uses Brendan's all the time)
And of course we can't forget about Thanksgiving Dinner. Here is our dinner spread (well most of it anyway).Here is Brendan chowing down on some bread. (Madelyn was not in a taking pictures mood)

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