Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Meet my Little Friend

This weekend we went up north so the Boys (Brian, Brendan & Papa Andrews) could go hunting & the Girls could go hunting. Well once we got to Gaylord we had to go to the Up North hunting store Jays. Outside the store there was a lady selling puppy's. Of course we had to look. They were Beagle puppies. Oh Boy. And then Brian let me hold one. So of course we talked about getting one, and we did!Here is our new puppy - Mojo.Here is Brian & then Brendan playing with the new puppy.Madelyn taking a nap with his new buddy.
Of course we were on vacation too. So here are some photos from the kids swimming. We went swimming both friday & saturday nights. On Saturday night Brendan was even swimming with out the help of any floaty devise. It was so amazing to see Brendan jumping into the pool & swimming under water.
Back to the new puppy. Madelyn loves having someone to be the boss of. She likes walking him, feeding him, and telling him what to do.

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