Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Videos!!!!

I have the Christmas videos up on YouTube but for some reason I can't the videos to load correctly (videos are in wide screen and blogger doesn't like that) so rather than cut off part of the video here is a link to them on my You Tube channel.
(note:it may be smart to subscribe to the channel, you may get emails when I add videos).

Here are the links:
Link #1: Christmas Video

Link #2: Christmas Video 2

Hopefully next time I will know how to edit the videos correctly.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Benjamin's First Hair Cut

Benjamin's First Hair Cut at the Chop Shop.....on Aug. 26th....
he wasn't quite sure what was going on....
he was two face, well two hair for a bit....


he was so done....
I don't think he likes it....
but once he sees the new do he was all smiles.....

Great first hair cut Ben.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Here are the kids in their Halloween costumes this year.
We have Brendan the Ninja.....
Beauty and the Beast.....
with Benny as the Beast....
The kids had a blast Trick-or-Treating with their friends and of course getting tons of candy. It is cool now that Brendan is in school, we run into alot of his friends while we are out, plus it helps being a street over from 'the Berkley Boneyard'. Next year we will have to video tape it on one of our nightly visits.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Maddie & Trouble Maker

Madelyn's End of the Year School Picnic.
Of course she loves her Benjamin.
Maddie with her best friend from the school year.

Trouble maker Benjamin.
Ben can clear all the toys off the shelf in 3.5 seconds it seems. We need the shelf here to keep him away from the tv, dvr box and playstation but he just can't play if there are toys on the shelf.
Photos from June 2010.

Summer Update

Now that I have a little bit more time and the computer where I can be on it daily I will try to get photos updated and try to keep on top of it better.

Right now I am trying to figure out how to get the photos web ready and up to the blog and then I will work on some of the videos that we have as well.

So stay posted as hopefully I can even have some photos up today.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Maddie's New Bike

Here is a video of Maddie riding her new bike that she got yesterday from Papa & Grandma Andrews. This is her second time going down the street. She is a natural. And today she rode all the way to Brendan's school and back.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ben & Maddie's Birthday Party

A couple of days before their party Madelyn wanted to spend some of her birthday money on some clothes. Here are the dresses that she picked out. Ben got a cute summer outfit too. (But girl clothes are so much more fun).....Benjamin wanting to go outside to help the guys grill. They had the front of the garage rocking the 'man cave' with the grill, smoker, chairs & of course a mini-beer keg......
Ben saying "It's my party I will cry if you hold me" but he said that to everyone. He wasn't having what we would call a 'good' day his party day......
The Princess Maddie opening her presents....
Brian trying to help Ben open his.....
Maddie with their cake....Happy Birthday To You.....
Ben trying to blow out his candle....I did teach him to blow for the last week but of course all he wanted was to lick the candle....
And throw the cake on the floor.....yes that is really what he did....and yes of course I said don't clean it up yet I need my camera....(but we didn't get any cake photos of ben since he didn't want his cake).....
The kids birthday cake...we also had lots of cupcakes...

Okay for those I haven't talk to lately......Ben is Brendan all over again. He is in the cabinets, he climbing out of his high chair, climbing up the stairs, trying to fall down the stairs, climbing on the couch...just all out trouble. So we are ready to pass the trouble around....who would like him shipped to them first?
Just kidding, we love our little trouble maker. (and yes Miss Maddie has given him that nick-name)

Saturday, April 03, 2010


I finally have my photo viewing software on my laptop so hopefully I can keep a better update on this blog.

Getting ready for Easter around here. Our first event was the Marshmallow Drop at the park down the street on Friday. Here are some photos from this event:
The helicopter dropping the marshmallows from the sky.....
Here are the kids (with Brendan's girl-friend who was with us for the day) with their marshmallows in their nets......
After all fun we tried to go to the zoo but it was CRAZY busy so we went to our snow-hill park instead for a picnic instead. Here is crazy Benny on the swing...

On the slide....(he makes that scrunched up nose face all the time)
See nose note again....
On Saturday morning we had Breakfast with the Bunny. Here are the kids looking cute. (Nose yet again).....
My Maddie Princess....
My good-looking Big D....(so handsome)...
All the kids, with no one crying, sitting with the Easter Bunny....
After dinner it was time to dye the easter eggs to leave for the Easter Bunny to hide.....
Tomorrow is the big Easter Day...
Here comes Peter Cotton-tail,

Hopping down the Bunny trail,

Hipp-a-dee Hopp-a-dee,

Easter on its way!

Happy Easter Everyone!!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Maddie's Hair

We are getting ready to have Madelyn & Benjamin's birthday parties on Saturday and I wanted Maddie's hair to be curly. I remember these pink curlers that my grandma used to put in my hair so I get some at Target to do to Maddie. She was soooo excited that she had no problem letting me play with her hair last night (normally she doesn't let me play with her hair as much as I would like to).
Here she is letting me put the curlers in last night:Here she is with a head full of curlers:And the final result this morning:
She is so cute. I asked her if she would let me do it again tonight since this was just practice to see if her hair would curl. She said yes, yippee more mommy play time with her hair. Now I am thinking I should get a small and large curling iron, a crimmper.....hum what else can we do to her hair?

Of course we can't forget the boys. Here is Ben with his natural curl after a bath:
Brendan playing goalie in his last pillo pollo game last night:

Thursday, March 18, 2010

First lost tooth & Pinewood Derby

Brendan finally lost his first tooth. It was so much fun to pick on him to try to let us pull it out. Here are the loose tooth & hole in the mouth photos:
Yes his tooth is still in his mouth in this photo, he could just push it that far.

Finally the tooth is gone :)!!!!!

Helping daddy work on his pine wood derby car for the Cub Scouts.
The race track....
The leader board...(Brendan came in first in that race)
Over all Brendan's first pine wood derby was a great success. He came in 1st place in the Tiger den & 2nd place over all in the finals. Here he is with his pinewood derby pin & trophy.