Friday, March 26, 2010

Maddie's Hair

We are getting ready to have Madelyn & Benjamin's birthday parties on Saturday and I wanted Maddie's hair to be curly. I remember these pink curlers that my grandma used to put in my hair so I get some at Target to do to Maddie. She was soooo excited that she had no problem letting me play with her hair last night (normally she doesn't let me play with her hair as much as I would like to).
Here she is letting me put the curlers in last night:Here she is with a head full of curlers:And the final result this morning:
She is so cute. I asked her if she would let me do it again tonight since this was just practice to see if her hair would curl. She said yes, yippee more mommy play time with her hair. Now I am thinking I should get a small and large curling iron, a crimmper.....hum what else can we do to her hair?

Of course we can't forget the boys. Here is Ben with his natural curl after a bath:
Brendan playing goalie in his last pillo pollo game last night:

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