Thursday, August 30, 2007

Planning Christmas

It is that time of year where Brian & I have to plan and decide what to do for Christmas this year.
Brian being the very simple fellow that he is has decided that he doesn't need anything for Christmas this year - but I know a secret..he really wants to get a really cool TeePee for this spring as a different way of camping. The teepee's are really a big item in other countries and is larger & easier to put together than our current tent. So I think any monies to go towards that would be great.
As for me I can only think of furthering my current crafting hobbies. I can give anyone interested further ideas.

As for the kids I already sent out lists of things that they may enjoy.
For things to give people, last year Brendan had this all about presents thing going to this year all the gifts that we will be giving will some how be created by him and or Madelyn. Here are a couple inspiring photos of things to come.
Madelyn with the Hot Gun (don't worry it is not plugged in)Brendan with his "Tools"


Steve-O the Corn Snake has moved from the living room to the up stairs during the floor project.
Well Brian was cleaning the tank and Madelyn is always trying to see in so Brian brought Steve-O downstairs to see Maddie.
The first thing she does is tries to hold him (or her, we don't know).
Here are the photos of her with Steve-O

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Latest Fishing Trip

We took the family up the Holly to go fishing at the lake in the canoe. We didn't know how Madelyn would behave since she freaked out last time we had her in the canoe in the UP. But to everyone's amazement she did great.
Here is our Fishing Brendan.Here is our Fishing Madelyn.Both her and Brendan had some snacks and caught some fish.
Brendan caught this small mouth bass all by himself. Brian threw the line out but Brendan did everything else himself. (Although he will not touch a fish right now).Madelyn even caught a couple of fish too. But the difference between her & Brendan is she will touch the fish. Here is a photo that is not in focus but is cute because she is helping to hold her small mouth bass too. It is hard to hold a fish, make sure Maddie doesn't fall out of the canoe & take a picture at the same time.
And finally here is Madelyn helping Brian to fish.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Renaissance Festival

We all went out to the Renaissance Festival here in Holly, Michigan this past Sunday.
We got there just before the opening skit was starting (which means we got really great parking) and everyone had a great time.
Brendan loved watching the Joust & the Highland Games with the caber toss.
Madelyn did great, she got to play, eat and everyone just thought that she was the cutest little princess.Brendan even got to play the rope game & take a ride on the giant swing.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Knights & Dragons

With Brendan's Birthday party only weeks away I need to get the invites out. And of course I can't do anything simple so here is the photo that is going to be on the front of his card.And I know that shadows don't line up but I changed my mind when I was doing the layout on photo shop and it is way to hard to get Maddie to cooperate when I am by myself so this will have to do.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We have a Hole in the Wall

We have our wood stove so we are almost finished with this whole project.
But now comes the not so fun part...cutting the hole in the wall to the outside and running the pipe up the house above the roof line. -That is so Brian's part let me tell you.

Both kiddies are, I guess excited about the wood stove. Brendan asked the all important question of "will we be able to make s'mores inside?" And Maddie likes to look in the glass window on the front. I think that she may be a little upset by the fact that her stage is now being taken over by the stove but she hasn't made to big a fuss about it.

Finally here are the photos.Our Stove.The hole in the wall. To get the correct size hole we (Brian) had to make the hole larger, cut a stud, make supports for the cut stud & remove an outlet. A whole lot of work for just a hole in the wall. Hehe. Side view. The stove will have a wall shield on the back & one side and will sit about 6 inches from the wall shield so it will be back quite a bit.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Papa & Grandma Tatz Visit

Papa & Grandma Tatz came up for a visit to see the kids during our crazy Woodward Dream Cruise. The kids had a ton of fun playing and I think Papa liked seeing all those old cars.
Here are some of the photos from their visit.
Papa & Maddie checking out a older car on Wednesday August 15th (the cruise isn't until the 18th!)Papa & Grandma next to Papa's dream car.Going to the park and the kids being super silly.
Maddie getting stuck at the bottom of the slide.Brendan with crazy hair after going down the slide.The kids & grandma climbing the ladder to go down the big slide.Maddie & Grandma going down the big slide.Papa & Brendan playing hop scotch.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Craft Time

Here are the kids in their craft area coloring from the other day.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

TV Time

On monday the kids were being so cute watching their tv together. Now it may look like they are both really into it but Madelyn will only sit and watch for about 5 minutes before she gets bored and goes and plays with the toys and makes a big mess. Now Brendan will sit there and watch tv all day if you don't keep track of what he is doing.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hockey, Curly Hair & Dentist

Last night Brendan & Eric were playing hockey and it was so cute that I had to take a picture.Also Miss Maddie's hair is getting so curly I took a photo of that too .Today was Brendan's first ever Dentist appointment. He did so great, he has no cavities and he had a yucky fluoride rinse too! Poor kid. But since I Madelyn with me I took him back to the room and stood outside for a couple of minutes but he was so engrossed with the hygienist that he didn't even see me leave. I could hear him talking from the front waiting room, he was telling her all about his Power Rangers tooth brush & tooth paste and all sorts of other stuff. At the end he got to pick a prize for being so great and he got a new cool Puss N Boots tooth brush from the Screk movies.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Jen's President

It is a scary fact I know but I am now officially President of the Berkley Junior Women's Club.
Last night was our Year End Party were the new board got sworn in. So I got to do my first official act as president too by installing the other board members.We had a Hawaiian themed dinner with Brian smoking a pork butt for pulled pork sandwiches. Brian I think had a good time too.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Brendan Busted

Brendan gets hims own personal time everyday at the computer in the office. Well after taking the photos off my camera I noticed some that I did not take. I wonder who took them?

I had the camera sitting on the desk top for a couple of days since I was using the camera everyday so Brendan thought he could play with it too.

Here are two of the twelve pictures that he took. None of them are in focus because he was holding the camera too close to his face but they are cute.