Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We have a Hole in the Wall

We have our wood stove so we are almost finished with this whole project.
But now comes the not so fun part...cutting the hole in the wall to the outside and running the pipe up the house above the roof line. -That is so Brian's part let me tell you.

Both kiddies are, I guess excited about the wood stove. Brendan asked the all important question of "will we be able to make s'mores inside?" And Maddie likes to look in the glass window on the front. I think that she may be a little upset by the fact that her stage is now being taken over by the stove but she hasn't made to big a fuss about it.

Finally here are the photos.Our Stove.The hole in the wall. To get the correct size hole we (Brian) had to make the hole larger, cut a stud, make supports for the cut stud & remove an outlet. A whole lot of work for just a hole in the wall. Hehe. Side view. The stove will have a wall shield on the back & one side and will sit about 6 inches from the wall shield so it will be back quite a bit.

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