Sunday, August 31, 2008

Behind on Videos

There has been a few videos sitting on our camcorder, and we almost forgot they were there. You will be able to tell that by what they are about : ) But here goes....lots of videos all at one time.

First, during the 4th of July, we had a party with our neighbors. Sharon's sister brought over a bounce house. You can see Brendan being crazy, and LouLou tumbling. She is a little tuffy!

Here is LouLou counting : )

Brendan has a little pyro in him....just like his dad and Uncle Roger! He pretty much lit our fireworks show for us this year.

Finally, a couple from Tee Ball camp. The first one is them just warming up doing running drills. But, the funny part is his little cheerleader yelling for him.

And one video of Brendan hitting. I think he does much better with a pitched ball, but they don't have that for his age group yet.

Getting Ready for School

We are getting in the home stretch before school starts so one of the things I did was take Brendan to Berkley's own 'Chop Shop' this really cool guys barber shop to get his hair cut. So of course here is a before - he is not in focus but you get the idea - long blonde hair. Here he is getting it cut. He looks like such a big man.
And the end result is just too handsome. He is now really looking old!
And of course the back too.
Just to keep you updated on the troubles of Miss Madelyn. Here are a couple examples. Downstairs in the bathroom is where we keep all of their bath stuff, we have bubble bath for him, for her, shampoo for him & one for her, body wash for both, lotions for her (different smells for her mood I guess) and powder and such. Well Madelyn is fascinated by bottle tops right now. If she goes in the bathroom closes the door we know what she is doing. Taking off every singe bottle top & putting them all on the floor. So we are left with the game of which top goes to which bottle. It takes one of us longer to put the tops on then the two minutes it takes her to put them off.

One of the other things is Madelyn likes to be pretty. She can also open nail polish too. So once she painted her toes all by herself! Well after we got back from Brendan's hair cut I guess she wanted to be pretty too. So she went and put on some make-up, again all by herself.
Here is the end result.....
Very pretty!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Brian's new toy - his deep fryer, got used as a fryer recently. We deep fried a turkey breast. Oh boy was it good. The best part is we then had left overs the next night of hot turkey sandwiches.

The boys went up north to visit some of our friends for a weekend and they picked up Papa's boat on the way. Brendan was the 'big dog' when it came to fishing. Here is one of the bass that he caught all by himself. He is so proud & Brian is of course too!

Finally, the kids were playing out front with the slip & slide and Madelyn doesn't like to get wet with the little sprayers. So Brian was nice and went to get her Elmo sprinkler and set it up for them. Well of course he then had to turn the water back on. I have never seen Madelyn move so fast. And of course being the thoughtful parent that I am was on stand-by with the camera ready. So here is just before the water came out & once the water did come out. Sister can book it when she wants too.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Dream Cruise Week

Here are the photos from the Woodward Dream Cruise. We went out on Wednesday night before the cruise to check out the cars that gather in the Kroger parking lot. It is really crazy all week long here. We even ran into our neighbors Jim & Sharon, so we walked around with them for a while.

After checking out some cars we went to sit on the grass off Woodward in front of Madelyn's word right now - McDonald's. (She is so funny, she doesn't like to food too much just likes the playgrounds so she points them out when ever we pass one) Brendan & Madelyn were being cute while I took photos so here are a couple of them too.

Finally on Friday before Dream Cruise Berkley has the official kick off parade down 12 Mile. We walk down to the end of our street sit & watch the parade every year with Jim & Sharon. This is the best part, there are tons of cops from the local area who come over to help the Berkley Public Safety officers. We had one with a Ranger-type vehicle who hand cuffed both kids.

After the parade we walk to 'downtown' to see a street concert & eat some treats. This year they had about 7 different food trailers, anything from smoked pork & ribs to cotton candy. I did get the kids a cotton candy and by the time I had my elephant ear, theirs was gone.
Of course we run into tons of people that we know and it takes a while to walk back home after the oh so healthy snacks. And of course the kids had a blast.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Boy Toys

Brian got Brendan this really cool knife for him to use. It has an additional finger guard so it keeps his fingers clear of the blade better. Brendan knows that he has to be with mommy or daddy to use his knife and is really responsible for just being 5 about it.
Here are some photos of his detailed trimmings.

Also I have been slacking lately so I have alot to catch up on before school starts on Tuesday. (So sad)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Brendan's Boys House

A couple of weekends ago we took the kids out to Brendan's Boys House and spent the night in our Teepee. The kids had a blast riding the 4 wheeler & Ranger, fishing & seeing all the animals there.
Here are the photos from that weekend:The kids fishing & riding in the paddle boat with Daddy.They LOVED all the rides. Everyone was taken them around.Of course will all the space Brian likes to shoot. Brendan is getting really good too.
One of the animals that Kerry has are rabbits that he let now run wild around the barn. We caught a baby bunny the first night and that was all Madelyn wanted to do, catch & hold the bunnies. Well Kerry let us have one! So once we got home our to do list for Monday was to build a bunny house. Of course Brendan was a big help too.