Saturday, August 30, 2008


Brian's new toy - his deep fryer, got used as a fryer recently. We deep fried a turkey breast. Oh boy was it good. The best part is we then had left overs the next night of hot turkey sandwiches.

The boys went up north to visit some of our friends for a weekend and they picked up Papa's boat on the way. Brendan was the 'big dog' when it came to fishing. Here is one of the bass that he caught all by himself. He is so proud & Brian is of course too!

Finally, the kids were playing out front with the slip & slide and Madelyn doesn't like to get wet with the little sprayers. So Brian was nice and went to get her Elmo sprinkler and set it up for them. Well of course he then had to turn the water back on. I have never seen Madelyn move so fast. And of course being the thoughtful parent that I am was on stand-by with the camera ready. So here is just before the water came out & once the water did come out. Sister can book it when she wants too.

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