Sunday, August 31, 2008

Getting Ready for School

We are getting in the home stretch before school starts so one of the things I did was take Brendan to Berkley's own 'Chop Shop' this really cool guys barber shop to get his hair cut. So of course here is a before - he is not in focus but you get the idea - long blonde hair. Here he is getting it cut. He looks like such a big man.
And the end result is just too handsome. He is now really looking old!
And of course the back too.
Just to keep you updated on the troubles of Miss Madelyn. Here are a couple examples. Downstairs in the bathroom is where we keep all of their bath stuff, we have bubble bath for him, for her, shampoo for him & one for her, body wash for both, lotions for her (different smells for her mood I guess) and powder and such. Well Madelyn is fascinated by bottle tops right now. If she goes in the bathroom closes the door we know what she is doing. Taking off every singe bottle top & putting them all on the floor. So we are left with the game of which top goes to which bottle. It takes one of us longer to put the tops on then the two minutes it takes her to put them off.

One of the other things is Madelyn likes to be pretty. She can also open nail polish too. So once she painted her toes all by herself! Well after we got back from Brendan's hair cut I guess she wanted to be pretty too. So she went and put on some make-up, again all by herself.
Here is the end result.....
Very pretty!

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