Sunday, August 31, 2008

Behind on Videos

There has been a few videos sitting on our camcorder, and we almost forgot they were there. You will be able to tell that by what they are about : ) But here goes....lots of videos all at one time.

First, during the 4th of July, we had a party with our neighbors. Sharon's sister brought over a bounce house. You can see Brendan being crazy, and LouLou tumbling. She is a little tuffy!

Here is LouLou counting : )

Brendan has a little pyro in him....just like his dad and Uncle Roger! He pretty much lit our fireworks show for us this year.

Finally, a couple from Tee Ball camp. The first one is them just warming up doing running drills. But, the funny part is his little cheerleader yelling for him.

And one video of Brendan hitting. I think he does much better with a pitched ball, but they don't have that for his age group yet.

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