Monday, September 01, 2008

Lugnuts Baseball Game

Last Tuesday we took the kids to a Lugnuts baseball game in Lansing. The kids got to play outside for a couple of minutes before we went in.
Before the game the team warms up and we found out afterwards that they also sign autographs before each of the games on the 1st baseline in the outfield.
Maddie liked watching them throw the ball.

For the game our seats were right in the front row at the first base line just past the first base. We had a lot of foul ball action going on in our area.

All in all the kids had fun, Madelyn ate her body weight in peanuts that daddy had to open for her all night. Brendan liked watching the action up close and in your face. We even had a pop-fly ball get caught in the couple's lap who was down on the level below us. I would have moved out of the way so fast.

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