Friday, September 12, 2008

First Day of School

Brendan's First Day of School! Brendan was so excited about starting school again. Here is the big dog with his new shoes, backpack, tee-shirt & new hair cut! Here is Brendan by his new school sign.
We all walked Brendan on his first day. Madelyn did very good with leaving Brendan at school.
Here is Big Dog Brendan at his table. He is #3.
After only a half day on the first day of school, Madelyn is ready to have her Brendan back. Here she is waiting right at the door for him.
Finally getting let out for his first day of school. We had to sign the kids out on the first day so the teacher could find out who went with who. Here it is his turn to get signed out. Oh and yes that is his teacher Miss Morrison.

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