Thursday, September 18, 2008

Renaissance Festival

We went to the Renaissance Festival a couple weeks ago. Here are the photos from it.
We saw the Queen taking to the mud actors and she pulled Brian in to try to understand them. Madelyn & Brendan were shy at first but as the day went on they opened up and of course then Madelyn wouldn't stop talking.
Madelyn petting one of the jousting hoarses.
Watching the joust.

Brendan as a handsome knight.
Madelyn as a fairy queen.
After a long day of course Madelyn fell right to sleep. She would not let go of the of the sword that she wanted more than any girlie crown or girlie thing. Of course Brendan got one too, he got a long one while Madelyn got a elf one. (I am guessing that elf meant short)

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