Sunday, January 18, 2009


This last week has been cold, highs in the teens with below temp often. (Brendan even had no school on friday because it was so cold, I think 10 was the high and below 15 at night).
So finally yesterday it started to warm up, it got up to the 20's! And with it came the snow, and snow and yes more snow. It snowed all day yesterday and we only got about 4 inches but this is on top of what was already here. So Brian took some photos outside for me so you can really see how much snow there is.

Some where under the snow in the middle is a chain link fence. You can make out just the top of the fence.
Our little walk way to be able to get in the trucks. It is a tight fit for me now.
And here are the sidewalks going down the street. We have great neighbor's and the guy next door uses the neighbor across the street's large snow blower so he will do his driveway & side walk and the guy's across the street & last night while Brian was gone he even did our sidewalk & driveway. So Brian only have a inch or two from over night to clean today.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Year Up-date

Once again it seems that I am getting behind in updating the Kids Blog. So here are the photos that we have so far into this year all in one post.

For New Year's Eve we started last year having dipping chocolate for dessert. The kids just love it and it makes a huge mess.

Here are some of the photos from when we went to the smaller snow hill for Brendan to use his new snowboard. The photos turned out great given that I went & sat in the truck after taking the video clips. (It was cold out & I can't stay warm now.)

Everyone wants to know what is this Cuttlebug that Madelyn wanted for christmas? Well here she is with her cuttlebug. It is a die cut machine, which just means that it cuts these little shapes out of cardstock. She has a lot of different sets already & has even started to make her own cards. Start looking in a mail box near you shortly.

Cute Kids. Brendan & Madelyn get along so well together (well 95% of the time) this is what Brian caught them doing the other night. Brendan was reading & I think being the teacher to Madelyn in their room.
Also making room for baby means moving Madelyn's bed out from under Brendan's to make room for her big girl bed that she will get for her Birthday in about 2 months. And it made sense to move their tv up from the basement since they never used it down there & were always making a mess of toys in my room. You can see the mess is still here but at least the area to mess up is smaller & they do a pretty good job of picking it up every night.

POTTY TRAINING!!! Madelyn is finally potty trained!!! YEAH!!! She can now tell us when she needs to go potty, even when we are out shopping or something.
(She kept making silly faces at me)
And of course Brendan had to come and get in on the silly faces too. (He looks just so old!)

Friday, January 02, 2009

Brendan Snowboarding!

Santa brought Brendan a new snowboard for Christmas this year.

Neither of us knew how well he was going to take to the thing.

So, after about 5 minutes, Brendan had the little hill in our backyard mastered. Here is the video of that.

Next, we decided it was time for Stage 2 hill. This is much smaller than our normal sledding hill, but we figured it would be perfect for him to learn more on the snowboard.

We had lost much of our snow to warm weather. We barely got a dusting of snow, but figured we just had to try.

Since he was going faster, he was still having a bit of trouble towards the end. But still, he is doing pretty darn good. Here is a video of the bigger hill.