Thursday, August 30, 2007

Planning Christmas

It is that time of year where Brian & I have to plan and decide what to do for Christmas this year.
Brian being the very simple fellow that he is has decided that he doesn't need anything for Christmas this year - but I know a secret..he really wants to get a really cool TeePee for this spring as a different way of camping. The teepee's are really a big item in other countries and is larger & easier to put together than our current tent. So I think any monies to go towards that would be great.
As for me I can only think of furthering my current crafting hobbies. I can give anyone interested further ideas.

As for the kids I already sent out lists of things that they may enjoy.
For things to give people, last year Brendan had this all about presents thing going to this year all the gifts that we will be giving will some how be created by him and or Madelyn. Here are a couple inspiring photos of things to come.
Madelyn with the Hot Gun (don't worry it is not plugged in)Brendan with his "Tools"

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