Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Latest Fishing Trip

We took the family up the Holly to go fishing at the lake in the canoe. We didn't know how Madelyn would behave since she freaked out last time we had her in the canoe in the UP. But to everyone's amazement she did great.
Here is our Fishing Brendan.Here is our Fishing Madelyn.Both her and Brendan had some snacks and caught some fish.
Brendan caught this small mouth bass all by himself. Brian threw the line out but Brendan did everything else himself. (Although he will not touch a fish right now).Madelyn even caught a couple of fish too. But the difference between her & Brendan is she will touch the fish. Here is a photo that is not in focus but is cute because she is helping to hold her small mouth bass too. It is hard to hold a fish, make sure Maddie doesn't fall out of the canoe & take a picture at the same time.
And finally here is Madelyn helping Brian to fish.

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