Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Brian's Birthday & Mother's Day

This past Saturday (the 10th) was Brian's 33rd Birthday.
On friday we took him out to dinner at BW3's and also made a cake for him.
Here is his "Fishin' Buddies" cake....Brendan & Madelyn eating the cake...
On Saturday we went up to his parents in Flint to visit & celebrate Mother's Day. The kids made canvas tote bags for all the grandma's and we also took flowers as well. Brian's Aunt Carol & Uncle Lenard were also in town as well as his Cousin Nikki with her daughter Taylor. Of course I bought the camera but left it in the diaper bag the whole time. But we all had a great time. Brendan had Zachary & Jacob to play with and Madelyn was trying to get Taylor's attention the whole time.

On Sunday Brendan & Brian made me breakfast and our session rescheduled so I got the day off after all. We did what every Mom wants to do on Mother's Day and went to Home Depot to pick up supplies for our latest project of our vegetable garden. But the rain didn't hold out so we will have to work on it sometime this week. For lunch we went again a Mother's Day funny, Taco Bell. I hope that this doesn't become a tradition. But Brian did cook & do the dishes all day. Also Brian & the kids did get me flowers - I have a Butterfly garden hanging basket kit & 2 black raspberry bushes that we will have to plant close to snack on them often.

I hope you all enjoyed your Mother's Day.

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