Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Berkley Days

I worked the Berkley Days event here in Berkley this past weekend. The Juniors had a Pooch Pageant which is so much fun and this year I was even a judge. Also the Friends of the Library had both a used book sale & a beer tent. I worked the beer tent on Friday & Saturday nights & the book sale for a couple of hours on Saturday.

While I was busy Brian took the kids on Friday up and stayed at his parents. Brendan got to play with his bow & arrow in the back yard. He is getting really good.
Here are some photos of him.Also Brian went on a outdoor class on identifying plants. He had a lot of fun & learned some really cool things.

I took the kids back up to Berkley Days on Sunday before Brendan's soccer game to let the kids ride some rides. Madelyn is finally liking the rides. She wanted to ride all the ones that Brendan went on but she was 4 inches too short. The only thing Brendan couldn't ride were the bid scary ones. But of course he wanted too.

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