Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thursday's Field Trip

On Thursday Brendan's class took a Field Trip out to Bower's Farm in Bloomfield Hills. It is really neat and it is at I-75 and the Adams road exit (you can see the horses from the highway).
I drove Brendan and two boys from his class (they thought it was cool that they got to go in the big truck while everyone else were in vans or one car).
Once we got to the farm we got to go on a hay-ride (really a straw ride but that doesn't sound as fun).Then the farmer told the kids the two rules for the farm, 1- how to keep your arms close by some of the animals (they think fingers may be carrots) 2- keep your voices down by some of the animals.The lama's (the carrot fingers applied to these)They got to pet a baby goat.They learned that baby goats - kids - like to stay with the group so the farmer had the kids run to the other side of the drive way and the kid followed. The kid beat the kids coming back.Rule #2 applied to the cow. They got to see how milk comes out & learn about what some animals eat are the same as what we eat.The kids also got to milk a goat but I didn't get a photo of that.
They got to pet a rabbit.While waiting to see the horse (only a couple of kids at a time) they got to play on some saddles.The horses.The kids also learned how chicken come from eggs which are the same as what we eat. Also they to pet some chicks & hold a small rooster (fully grown, just small)
Brendan checking out the roosters & turkey's that were outside.After a full morning & missing his sister this is what I found went I checked on Brendan while I was having to get some work done.

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