Thursday, June 05, 2008

Some Random Photos

I found a memory card with a couple different types of photos on it. So this is just going to be a random photo post.
First is Madelyn on her new big wheel that she got back for Christmas. I thought she looked cute with Brendan showing her the way.Next is Mr. Mojo at the park. He loves going for walks with the kids.Next is something that Brian did. He is always coming up with crazy stuff and wanting to try out stuff that he saw on tv. So he made this trap inspired from the Surviver Man show on Discovery. Brendan of course likes to help him in almost all of his crazy little adventurous or ideas.Next we Madelyn down for a nap in her room. While she has to have at least 15 stuff things in bed with her yet all she sleeps with is her bunny that I had made for her as a baby (it has been washed a couple times & I am amazed it is still together)Here are Brendan and Madelyn getting ready to make the mother's gifts that went out to Grandma'sFinally playing at the park. We are lucky enough to have about 5 different parks that we can play at within close walking/biking to our house. It seems that at least a couple times a week we are at the park. So we are never without park photos. Here are a couple photos from early May.You know that your kids are growing up when they can swing all by themselves.

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