Sunday, May 04, 2008

Last Day of Our Savannah Trip

Friday was our last true day in Savannah. We went out to Tybee Island and spent the day out there. It was the best day of the whole vacation.
First we went to check out the Tybee Island Lighthouse.Brendan and I walked up to the top while Brian & Madelyn stayed on the ground. The walk wasn't too bad going up those 70 something stairs it was keeping up with Brendan that was giving me the problems. He kept the same fast pace the whole way up. The only person faster than we were was the lighthouse keeper (they go up every so often to check on the people at the top).Here is the view from the top of the light house.Brian & Madelyn are in front the chimney in this photo (Madelyn in on Brian's shoulders.)Brendan & the ocean view.Next we went to eat lunch at the Crab Shack. This place was so cool. They have a dock for all the people who come on boats. Due to the fact that you could get to it by boat it was harder to find by car. You had to follow the signs closely.After lunch Brendan got to feed the alligators that were at The Crab Shack too.Next we went to the Ocean. With a stop at the Tybee Island Marine Science Center. Madelyn liked the box turtle the best. We went at the right time-lunch day & time for most of the animal/sea life. So the kids got to see some of the sea life that is pretty well hidden in the sand. Also got to see how they eat, like a star fish.Finally we went to the Ocean. We just happened to have the swim suits in the car from staying at the hotel on the way to Papa's house so the kids got to go in the water. Of course being that the water was very cold I made Brian go in with the kids while I took photos.It was a good thing too because he got very wet.It was such an exciting day for Madelyn that she fell asleep on the way back to camp while eating her snack.

Saturday was the day to pack up and start for home. We all had a blast on our Savannah Vacation.

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