Monday, December 22, 2008


Okay, I know I know where have I been? Well I finally just took all the photos off my camera so that way I have a lot to update in the next couple of days. I totally blame this on having pregnancy brain right now. And we will take a belly photo soon.

For Thanksgiving this year the kids and I went to GA to visit with my family. Brian had to stay behind due to work stuff. But the kids did great on the long truck ride & we made it with no problems there & back.

Here is Thanksgiving Day Dinner at Great Grandma & Great Papa's House.
The kids waiting until we finish dishes to open presents.Of course we did Christmas there too.
I bought some board games for the kids to keep at Papa's house & here are the kids playing Papa at Candyland.
Finally we all got together with Great Papa & Great Grandma again on Saturday & we took some photos of us together.

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