Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Lights

This is the first year that we have had lights on the outside of house. Normally we just have a couple of things in the windows of the front.
Last year Brendan really wanted lights outside but we don't have any power outlets on the house & I couldn't think of a way to power them. This year I had a brainstorm! I ran a extension cord from the garage to the front porch. I also bought a outdoor timer so I won't have to remember to to turn them on and off.

So the porch & two trees were the start for this year. Next year I want to add the light to the bushes running on both sides of the front sidewalk. But this was a good start. Plus I did it all while Brendan was at school one day so being able to surprise him was great. Here is our little tree that Madelyn & I picked out from Target this year. It is the perfect size for our little house. (It looked a lot nicer filled with presents underneath, note for next year) The only presents left is one for Brendan's teacher & one for the crossing guard at his school (thanks to the snowday on the last day before winter break)

And of course I didn't put the kids stocking back up but you get the idea.

Part of Madelyn's gift from Santa was a cuttle bug. Everytime you asked her what she wanted from santa it was always a cuttlebug. I have a large green cuttlebug (it is a scrapbooking type tool) and they make a smaller one for kids, she has asked for one for months! Well here are two cards that Madelyn made today using her cuttlebug & just a little help from mommy with the markers & putting the first flower together on the paper.
Next time I will take some photos of her in action with her Cuttlebug.

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