Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Chirstmas Shopping & Snow

After a day of Christmas shopping with me I guess it was too much for Miss Madelyn. She passed out in front of the fire on Mojo's bed while I was putting away groceries.
I think Mojo wants his bed back.
Well Brendan's Christmas/Winter Break started a day early with a snow day last friday. It didn't start snowing until about 5 in the morning but once it started it didn't stop! We got between 12-14 inches over the day & that night. It was on the warm side (all of what 26? out)(and yes that sometimes feels warm compared to the now 8's & 12's we have) so the kids stayed out for quite a bit helping daddy build a snow fort.

There is more on this on Brian's web site but here is the finished snow fort, I don't know what he calls it.

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