Saturday, November 15, 2008

Treasure Hunting

We took the kids out treasure hunting. Of course Brendan was the main man in control of where we were going.
We found a crazy amount of grass hoppers. Madelyn loved watching them hop everywhere we went. We found this hidden in the woods as we were walking and of course the kids & Brian had to go check it out.
It took us a while but we finally found the treasure. It was dug into the ground with a log on it, very tricky. Here are the kids with Daddy showing off their treasure. Madelyn got a dinosaur toy while Brendan picked a pen.

And finally in case you did hear we have had our first official snow fall on Nov. 10th. Mojo had a blast & Brian told me when he dropped Brendan off at school all the boys where trying to throw snow balls at each other. It only lasted for the day and stayed a bit longer in the shady areas.

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