Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Brendan's First Soccer Pratice

On Tuesday we had Brendan's first soccer pratice. It was something to watch 10 3-4 year olds chase after one soccer ball. They are easily distracted and sometime don't know which goal to go towards, they get stuck by the fence and can't seem to be able to kick to one another yet. A couple have the basic's of don't touch the ball with your hands and when they are goalie's they can't seem to pay attention to get ready for when the ball comes at them. Brendan is the one in the darker green shirt with the maroon hat.
Brendan did pretty good, he didn't know what was going on and wasn't too sure to go to and listen to the coach's to start with. But I think that is a good thing that he just won't go and listen to just anybody. But being that this was Brendan's first year and most of the children were returning from last summer I would say that he did very good. Brian has been praticing with him on kicking the ball, running with the ball and not using your hands so that wasn't the problem. Now we just have to get him used to kicking towards the goal and running after the ball where ever it goes.

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