Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Grandma Mary's Visit

Grandma Mary came for a visit this past weekend.
On Saturday the boys went and did their own thing (went to Brendan's boy's house) while us girls went shopping at a couple stores in Berkley and then to Great Lakes Crossing. Brendan got some pants for his no-butt (Oshgosh had slims that fit really well & were on sale) and some grippy socks (his favorite kind of socks) & Madelyn got a couple of outfits as well. (Got to love Great Lakes Crossing stores-there is always a great sale going on).
Here are the pictures from Saturday:
Maddie eating one of I think 4 breakfastsBrendan with his new clothesMaddie's pile of clothesMadelyn modeling one of her new outfits. We love the tights-she got a couple different kinds.
On Sunday we hung out at home and spent lots of time playing with the kids. We went to the local park to show off Brendan & Madelyn's acting like crazy kids running around craziness & went back home where we had Chef Brian grill up some steaks. Also while Maddie was napping Brian made Brendan some really cool knifes.
Here are the two crazies at the park. Brian make two of this knife.Brian & Brendan playing with his new knife set.Of course Madelyn had to join in on the fun as well.
Monday was also a kind of shopping day. While Brendan was at school we went out to Micheal's and mommy got to get some stuff as well. We pick Brendan up from school and went to the local toy store to let him pick out his birthday presents. After we went to visit with old friends & eat lunch at Olga's and were going to go to Putt-Putt but we ate too much at lunch so going home and resting sounded much better. Plus Brendan really wanted to get into those new toys he got.
I have been into bird houses lately so I couldn't pass these up.Brendan with his birthday presents.And Grandma with her grandbabies.

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