Monday, September 10, 2007

Brendan's Soccer

We have a couple of up-dates to put up so I should be posting everyday this week to get them all in.
First we have signed Brendan up for Berkley Soccer. His team is the LA Kings and they have had two practices and one game this past Saturday. It is a little different than Clawson's as the games are played in 6 - 5 minute time periods with water breaks in between and a little longer for half time. Also the teams each have 3 players at a time up and no goalies. (Brendan's favorite position).
Here is a photo from the first practice of Brendan warming up.Here is a photo from his first game. He got one goal & was the only player to block a goal on purpose (you could tell from watching that he was thinking of what the other team was going to do).
And we can't not have a photo of Miss Madelyn.
Here she is with her purse. She has days were she wears her purse and carries her baby all over the house.

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