Thursday, September 13, 2007

Brendan's Birthday

This year is the first year that Brendan was able to take cupcakes in for his class (the last two years school started the week of his birthday & it is hard to talk to the teacher and ask for that week)
Brendan helped me make the cupcakes of course & he picked out the liners that they went in, Super-Man of course. (they didn't have transformers ones) Of course there were a couple extra which Brendan, Madelyn & daddy were willing to eat for me.
Here are Brendan's cupcakes.Here is Maddie being messy while eating them.
Also yesterday Brendan got two birthday packages.
His great-Aunt Leesa & Family sent some Cars underwear & lots of books. One of them even had a story about Pirates & Cowboys which Brendan is really excited to read about.
Also he got a package from Aunt Ashley & Family, he received a Leap Frog Spelling Bee game.

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