Monday, September 17, 2007

Brendan's Birthday Party

On Saturday we had Brendan's Birthday Party. What a party it was. Brian smoked some chickens, I had some fresh fruit w/ a dip that was just the greatest, the weather could have been a hair warmer but with the fire place in the garage we were just fine, the kids had a blast playing with all the outside toys that we have and some even didn't want to leave.

Brendan got a ton of Transformer toys, some clothes, a castle for his playmobil toys & even a slurpee machine!
Here are some of the photos of his presents:
We had a Dragon pinita which all the kids loved hitting. Brendan ended up being the lucky one to knock it down and once he did started beating it even more. It is amazing how kids know what to do to a pinita and then all pile in to get some of the candy. Even Madelyn was in on the action!
Finally it was time for cake. Brendan had wanted a castle cake pan earlier in the summer and we have used it a couple of times but this time was the first time I had to put frosting on a Castle cake. It turned out pretty good I think, Brendan even helped frost it too. It did take him a couple of try's to get all those candles.

Can you believe that Brendan is now 5! Wow.

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