Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Brendan's First Day

Well Brendan had his first day of school today I got a ton done but no resting in that time so hopefully later this week I can take a break for a while.
Brendan said that he: played outside, had snack, listened, talked, did music, had storytime & did a craft about the story, and played with his new friends. WOW a lot of stuff in just 3 hours & 20 minutes. He also told me some of the Young 5's class rules: no running inside, stand in line, you need a bathroom buddy, and some stuff that even I couldn't understand. But some of the things he will be doing this year: they have gym days, art days, computer lab days, library days, they get field trips with the other 4 kindergarten & young 5's classes.
And this year since school started early enough to talk to the teacher I will be taking cupcake to his class to celebrate his birthday on the 12th since they don't have school on the 13th.

Here are the photos from picking him up.
He had to give Madelyn a hug first.Him telling me all about his day on the walk home from school.His big heavy back pack. His teacher gave all the student a set of her favorite books & his lunch box is in there.

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