Sunday, September 16, 2007

Brendan's Birthday Day

On the 13th Brendan turned the big 5!
To make the day special we went to the mall for the kids to play, had pizza for dinner and had a fire outside.
Here is Brendan with his birthday Ninja Pizza (thanks to the TMNT all pizza's are now Ninja Pizza).
Here is a funny Brendan story:
While we were outside after dinner Brendan went over to Sharon's house (which happens alot). Sharon has a special box of toys for Brendan in a spare bedroom, so if Sharon is busy Brendan just helps himself and plays. Well Sharon had thought that she hid Brendan's birthday present pretty good, well not so good it turns out. Brendan goes into the kitchen and tells Sharon that he found his present and thanks her and is all excited and wants it now. Given that it is his birthday we can't really say no so he gets it. He forgets all about the fire and goes inside and plays with his new toy - A huge Transformer that does transform (the directions are really hard-first time took over 20 minutes & now I can get it in under4) with 2 small Autobots as well.
Okay and since I forgot-Brendan also wanted to ride his ride-behind bike to the snow hill park but it was getting late so we rode around the long way to the park that is up the street. (the one he calls the red-green park)

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BrianA said...

You forgot about the park silly. Brendan wanted pizza and to go to the park on his birthday. So, we rode our bikes to the part after pizza. Do you remember that now???? :)