Friday, September 07, 2007

Brendan's First Week of School

Brendan has finished his first week of school today. Quite a few funny/cute things have happened this week that I thought I would share with you.

First off- Brian walks Brendan to school in the morning, with school starting at 8am and there being k-5 all walking or being dropped off there is always no place to park in the mornings. This morning Brendan and Brian were talking about living in the city versus living in the country which got Brendan talking about the chickens at his 'boys' house which lead to his Barn Yard movie where the chickens can talk and ended with him saying "it takes a strong man to stand up for himself and a stronger man to stand up for others"

Second-his class has snack every day like last year, but this year they can purchase milk for the year if they want to. Brian and I just assumed that Brendan would want to take his favorite juice boxes again this year but for the last two days when I asked Brendan how snack time was he said he had either white or chocolate milk. Which is funny because this morning I made a point of telling him to drink his juice, his reply after school "Milk makes me feel better". So today I wrote the check out to let him get to choose everyday which kind of milk he would like.

Last-Brendan got to be the line leader on thursday. He was so excited about that that he also had to be the line leader at the library, out to lunch, everything we did for almost all of thursday. But want is also nice was when we wasn't line leader today he said that he was fine with it too. (The kids are so cute trying to walk in a straight line at 5).

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