Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Camping in the Backyard

With the TeePee that we will get this spring Brian and I know that our camping cots are not going to fit in as well. So we went to the local REI store and bought Brendan & myself some self inflating camping mats. They are a lot smaller and lighter than the cots so packing them in the trailer bins will be easier but we wanted to make sure that they were comfortable enough to sleep on for a couple days.

So we went camping in the backyard. Brendan was so excited and Brian had him helping with every step of putting the tent together. Maddie even helped a little too, more in the way than helping but it was so cute.
Here are Brendan & Madelyn helping to put the tent on the right spot.Brendan and Madelyn helping to put the top poles together.Brendan helping daddy put the stakes into the ground.Brian even let me help too by chopping some scrap wood for kindling for the fire. (Doesn't he know I don't do well with sharp objects-safe to say I did not get hurt)We had a lot of fun and Brian even made us some brownies out side in his dutch oven for us.
We will go and get Brian a camping pad later in the year closer to spring when we need it and Madelyn can sleep on Brendan's old cot for a couple of years till she needs a mat too.

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