Friday, April 20, 2007

Working Cont.

Set one is we need a large spot to store enough wood to make thru next winter. So the whole area behind the garage will be filled with wood. Now add into the mix that because our city area has some rodent issues we have to have the wood 2 feet off the ground.

Brian started last night digging holes to hold 4x4 beams-9 of them 8 feet in the air. And additional 4x4's as support in between the tall ones. But that also means that yet another buring bush had to come down. (Oh darn!) So while Brendan & Brian were digging the 3-4 foot holes, I got to saw down the bush-talk about fun!

Here is one of the holes that the guys dug. Notice that they hit water at about 3 feet. Here is the whole area that will be filled with wood.Here is my stump (which Brian took out) from my bush. Now we only have two burning bushes in the back yard & two in the front yard. The ones in the front yard are already scheduled to come out of the ground next spring. Yahoo.

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