Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Parent Teacher Conference

Today, we got to meet with Brendan's teacher to see how he is doing in school.

I have been telling him all week "that we are going to get to talk to his teacher, and she is going to tell us if he is a good boy or a bad boy : ) So, is there anything you want to tell us?" Of course, he would always say that he is a good boy at school.

It was pretty neat. The teacher keeps a portfolio of stuff that the kids work on. We got to see how his stuff has progressed over the school year. Stuff like his writing, his name in particular, how is free form drawings have progressed from simple to more complex. Also, how his fine motor skills are improving by being able to cut out shapes. Another thing they do is show them the alphabet and ask them to identify the letters. Brendan was able to do all of them. Overall, his teacher said that he is doing excellent.

We also asked the teacher how he gets along with the other kids. She of course said great. Then asked Brendan who some of his friends were. He said "all of them." She said, that he is pretty much right. He gets along well with all of his classmates.

Anyway, we thought it was good news in general, and I thought I would pass it along.


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