Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Weekend Work - Tile Phase 1

This weekend we started work on putting tile down in the kitchen & entry way. (Phase 1 of the whole downstairs project). On Saturday morning we started by ripping out all the old floor, and of course we found a suprise in the kitchen. That swell 70's clay tile! What a mess to get out. We didn't think that we were going to be able to get that out in one day. Luckly the entry way came out all in one large piece (is that a good thing or bad?). So on Sunday we put the backer board down and put mud/tape in the seams. Brian took Monday off from work to spend the whole day putting the tile down. (I am sure that he is glad to be back at work after this past weekend) Oh yeah on Sunday morning Brian went out with Jim to fish for a little bit and get a truck load of wood to put in his new wood spot. (Photos of that to come on wednesday).
Here are the pictures:
The nice 70's tile that was underneath the thin board that the lamanate was on.Entry way before.Bare kitchen floor-it is a bunch of 2x3's instead of press board. They don't make them like this any more.Bare entry way floor. Notice it is press board.Putting down the backer board. -My job was to screw in all the screws, just under 175, my little arms were sore after that. Brian did say that I did a good job though :)Our trash pile outside-I don't know what Brian is going to do with it.Backer board taped & mudded in the entry way.Finally tile in the Kitchen.Last but not least tile in the entry way.

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